Taoist Life Coaching

Taoist Life Coaching

Conducting workshops, seminars and non-downloadable webinars in healing, nourishing and strengthening the body, mind and spirit from the Taoist perspective: Taoist internal and external meditation for the body and mind. Distribution of educational materials in connection with our Taoist books and publications  therewithin.

    Lin Hun Therapy is a very practical system built on the art and spiritual science of traditional Chinese Medicine combining Empirical Metaphysics and Ancient Chinese Shamanism. For the past forty years our institution has successfully practiced these down to earth techniques of adaptation to reality, achieving practical results of goals and obtaining peace of mind and contentment. 
   Using the techniques of Lin Hun Therapy gives the ability to remove the obstacles in ones fate, purge confusion and develop a clear understanding of reality. We conduct group and individual sessions.

    Taoist Divine Guidance

    Taoist Divine Guidance

    Taoist Divine Guidance was created and decoded from ancient Chinese Shamanism by the founder of the Center of Traditional Taoist Studies – Temple of Original Simplicity, Grandmaster Alex Anatole.
    Taoist Divine Guidance is built on the sacred teachings of Taoist philosophy and theology and creates a mortal vision of reality in this earthly dimension and life after death. Taoist Divine Guidance enables knowledge and communication with the world of celestial spirits. Interaction with the Celestial deities serves as an oracle to give mortals insight and direction by sharing the wisdom and secrets of life. This conglomeration of the ancient alchemy of Taoist Shamanism incorporates the art of magic diagrams and the sacred amulets of the celestial Fox spirits. The celestial Foxes are invoked for protection from malevolent energies which destroy human’s vital energy by bringing chaos and confusion to their lives. Taoist Divine Guidance creates a path for changing a mortal’s existence from confusion and misfortune to contentment and prosperity.

      Sessions available with Grandmaster Alex Anatole. For more information please email webmaster@tao.org

      Taoist Lin Hun Therapy

      Introduction to Taoist Lin Hun Therapy – part 1

      July 25, 2015 at 12:38 PM
      What is Taoist Lin Hun Therapy?

      The Temple of Original Simplicity has studied and practiced the great teachings of the Tao for nearly forty years. A significant element of these teachings involves physical and mental healing through Chi Quong and Meditation, among other techniques. Over the years, we gradually came to realize that the healing aspect of Taoism was even more profound than we initially thought. The positive physical benefits of the system were naturally expected. But the impact on the mental well being of the inexperienced practitioner was far more significant. So we compiled a synopsis of select ancient Taoist Shamanistic methods that can dramatically improve the condition of those who might suffer from psychological disorders. This is what is known as Taoist Lin Hun Therapy.

      Live in the Present Moment, Not the Future

      The problem that plagues many people is that they don’t live in the present moment. They are too focused on their calculations and big plans for the future. This practice extracts them from the reality of today. The danger of big plans is that one abandons the present and begins to live in the future. A person may decide they want to buy a house. They might ponder the design of the layout; the color scheme of the walls that will match the style of furniture; the breed of dog that will lay at their feet and most importantly, which school their unborn children will attend… While, in reality, they are single, unemployed, eternally in debt, and still living with their parents. Rather than big plans, we have a general direction of where our path may lead, but not an exact GPS coordinate where we will or should be at a specific time.

      It is easier to dwell in a fantasy than to make an effort to deal with the hardships of reality. There is nothing wrong with attempting to improve your lot in life, so long as it’s founded in tangible and attainable goals. Otherwise your pursuit of the unattainable will lead you to a disillusionment of dreams and an eventual path to depression.

      Just as the old saying warns that “Better is the Enemy of Good”, the Future can be the enemy of the Present. There is a narrow bridge that we are walking from the present to the future, from reality to fantasy. Until something is in the present moment, it doesn’t really exist, whether it’s something we desire or something we dread. So we have to watch our footing before us, and be cautious to not drift over the edge of the bridge.

      The Taoist practitioner strives to live a long and prosperous life, so of course retirement savings, insurance,vacations, etc., should be part of our path of life. These are some of the modern tools, especially as one gets older, that can help provide a more content life. It is wise to store some nuts away for the barren winter, but donot starve yourself in the process of hording an incredible amount of goods that you probably won’t ever enjoy. For even as we make these provisions, we have to understand that we are not in control of our future. Remember the adage ‘If you want to make the Gods laugh, tell them your plans.’

      We must realize that the path to our intended goals will deviate in such an unpredictable manner that, ultimately, it might barely resemble our original ideas. So as long as we understand the reality of everyday life, and we are at least trying to solve these matters, we will be grounded in reality. While we are severely limited in our knowledge and ability to plan the future, having a rigid mindset and unrealistic expectations is what corrupts our present moment.

      A septic present moment will spread its roots into the past as well into the future. It is the only nexus that ties the two together. So focus your energies on forging a quality present moment and you will surely leave behind a solid past worth reflecting upon. By also putting your emphasis on right now, you will improve the opportunity of having a content future pathway.

      Taoist Lin Hun Therapy

      Taoist Lin Hun Therapy was created and decoded from ancient Chinese Shamanism by the founder of the Center of Traditional Taoist Studies – Temple of Original Simplicity, Grandmaster Alex Anatole.
      Taoist Heavenly Lin Hun Therapy deals systemically with the theological – religious psychotherapy of the human eternal energies. As there is no corresponding translation of Lin Hun in the English language, it is quite difficult and challenging to understand. In Chinese alchemy, the definition and connotation of the prenatal and postnatal energies are very different than in Western culture and linguistics. In the magic of Taoist Shamanism, Lin Hun elucidates that humans are born, not with one soul as in Western religion but, with   two distinct energies, Hun and Po.
       These two energies are further segmented into the three prenatal components of Hun and the seven postnatal components of Po. Based on the sacred teachings of Taoist Alchemy, the prenatal Hun and postnatal Po energies communicate with each other in a very intricate and complicated manner. Taoist Heavenly Lin Hun Therapy utilizes magic ceremonies to effect changes in the physical reality of our earthly dimension. Using sacred Shamanistic ceremonies and burning ancient magic diagrams, Taoist Heavenly Lin Hun Therapy can purge and purify the human spiritual elements, sending the mortal’s request to the Great Ultimate. Heavenly Lin Hun Therapy uses intangible, magic methods to obtain tangible results. Heavenly Lin Hun petitions the celestial spirits to change a person’s fate from misfortune to fortune, from confusion and bad luck to contentment and prosperity.