Master Richard Percuoco

  Master Richard Percuoco was born in Boston, Massachusetts. From the age of 19, he studied With Grandmaster Alex Anatole in the Temple of Original Simplicity. 

 For the last 37 years, Master Richard Percuoco has studied all aspects of Taoist physical, intellectual and spiritual teachings: Chi-Quong, Martial Arts, Taoist philosophy. 

  Meditation and the sacred teachings of the Celestial Fox Fairies. Ordained as a Taoist priest on the first day of the New Year of the Wood Rooster (2005), he teaches master sessions in Chi-Quong, Martial Arts, Taoist philosophy and Meditation. 

  Master Richard Percuoco gives lectures and private sessions to Temple of Original Simplicity congregation members. Master Richard Percuoco is also available for private online consulting sessions to anyone interested from the virtual Taoist webinar community.