Master Richard Percuoco

Master Richard Percuoco was born in Boston, Massachusetts. From the age of 19, he studied With Grandmaster Alex Anatole in the Temple of Original Simplicity.

For the last 37 years, Master Richard Percuoco has studied all aspects of Taoist physical, intellectual and spiritual teachings: Chi-Quong, Martial Arts, Taoist philosophy.

Meditation and the sacred teachings of the Celestial Fox Fairies. Ordained as a Taoist priest on the first day of the New Year of the Wood Rooster (2005), he teaches master sessions in Chi-Quong, Martial Arts, Taoist philosophy and Meditation.

Master Richard Percuoco gives lectures and private sessions to Temple of Original Simplicity congregation members. Master Richard Percuoco is also available for private online consulting sessions to anyone interested from the virtual Taoist webinar community.


Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak,The Center of Traditional Taoist Studies/The Temple of Original Simplicity until further notice will be conducting services on-line for the safety of the congregation.The schedule of the services and prayer ceremonies will be held digitally at the usual times.Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of the situation.

To be in harmony with men is the music of man, to be in harmony with God is the music of God.
— Chuang Tzu

Experience a 3D Virtual Reality tour of the Temple of Original Simplicity

At the core of the Center of Traditional Taoist Studies is its Temple of Original Simplicity. The Temple adheres to the traditional practices of ancient Taoism with programs dedicated to the mental, physical, and spiritual development of its congregation. All of its teachings adhere to the tenets of classical Taoism in their original forms without the distortions of modern culture. Programs include:

  • Classes in Taoist philosophy according to Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching
  • Meditation to reduce the harmful effects of stress, improving the body’s immune system, and quieting confusing thoughts
  • Chi Quong to build a healthy body, increase flexibility, and strengthen mind-body connection.
  • Prayer meditations for spiritual guidance
  • Traditional Taoist ceremonies for religious observances

The first floor of the Temple of Original Simplicity-Center of Traditional Taoist Studies.

 Grand Master Alex Anatole gives an introduction to The Temple of Original Simplicity.


Tao temple tour, guided be Grand Master Alex Anatole


  Over the last 40 years literally thousands of people have studied with Grand Master Alex Anatole at the Center of Traditional Taoist Studies – Temple of Original Simplicity. It has been brought to the attention of the Center that certain people are using the name of Grandmaster Alex Anatole and the Center of Traditional Taoist Studies – Temple of Original Simplicity claiming affiliation to use the Grand Master’s credentials for commercial purposes.

   In the last 40 years Grand Master Alex Anatole has only ordained two students that are officially certified to teach Taoism, and their names are withheld due to privacy issues. Anyone else claiming affiliation or using the name of Grand Master Alex Anatole or the Center of Traditional Taoist Studies – Temple of Original Simplicity for commercial purposes is a charlatan and an imposter.

    The Center of Traditional Taoist Studies – Temple of Original Simplicity will not tolerate the use of Grand Master Alex Anatole or the Center in a way that misrepresents Grand Master Alex Anatole’s or the Center’s relationship with any current or former student. Further, Grand Master Alex Anatole’s standing as a legitimate Taoist priest demands that credentials related to Taoist priesthood be verified prior to dissemination. Therefore, it is prohibited on any Web site or on any other electronic or physical forum to mention the name of Grand Master Alex Anatole or The Center of Traditional Taoist Studies – Temple of Original Simplicity claiming affiliation in any way without written permission. Grand Master Alex Anatole is quite serious about preserving the lineage of the Temple of Original Simplicity and of Taoism in general, and will not tolerate any dilution of this line for the purpose of ego-building or commerce.

Any inquiries with respect to a Taoist priest claiming ordainment by Grand Master Alex Anatole should be forwarded to Contact: webmaster @ for verification.