Physical Chi Quong

He can sit still like a corpse or spring into action, like a dragon


Grand Master Anatole with Madam Chu in Shanghai. Madam Ju is the world’s foremost cancer healer using Chi Quong.

Physical Chi Quong exercises use various positions and movements to direct chi in precise ways. For example, one of the most basic Chi Quong positions is the “horse stance,” whereby a relatively wide-legged, low hipped position — resembling the posture of a man astride a horse — directs chi in a spiral pattern into the male’s prostate region. This area is susceptible to disease, particularly for the older male, and remains untouched by Western exercises. Physical Chi Quong simply and elegantly helps prevent such illnesses.

Madam Chu performs healing chi quongo(deep breathing) with her cancer patients achieving a phenomenal survival rate.

Chi Quong’s positions must be exact, for even a slightest change in the angle of hands or feet, can dramatically affect the chi’s flow along the various meridian channels. For this reason, Chi Quong is always taught under close supervision at the Center of Traditional Taoist Studies. As the practitioner becomes more proficient, new subtleties are added to make the exercises more powerful and effective. There are different levels of Chi Quong — ranging from “sitting” Chi Quong for infirmed patients, increasing in difficulty to intense Chi Quong for professional athletes.

Physical Chi Quong synchronizes its movements with breathing. The deeper the breathing, the greater the volume of chi pushed through the meridian system. Simply stated, the body’s position during Chi Quong controls the direction of chi flow while the depth of synchronized breathing controls the volume of chi flow. Such deep breathing yields powerful results, but can be dangerous if misused. Shallow, natural breathing during Chi Quong accelerates low volumes of chi, so any misdirection is of little consequence. Uncoordinated deep breathing, however, is dangerous, reinforcing the requirement for Chi Quong’s close supervision at the Center.

Grand Master Anatole demonstrating Chi Quong.
While the mechanical aspects of chi development are logical, predictable and often in sync with Western medical theory, there is a deeper, more profound aspect to physical Chi Quong. As discussed earlier, one goal of the Taoist is to synchronize himself with universal energy. In essence, the Taoist is a conductor of chi between the heavens (cosmic chi) and earth (grounded, organic chi), striving to improve chi flow rotatingfrom heaven to earth and back. By opening the body’s channels, physical Chi Quong makes the Taoist more receptive to cosmic chi. Taoists recognize that the healthful characteristics of youth — not its outward appearance — are critical to a content existence. Since our minds and souls are saddled with a physical form during their short stay on earth, a healthy body is a prerequisite for
Grandmaster Alex Anatole teaches ancient healing chi quong to congregation members in the temple.
contentment. The various characteristics of youth — flexibility, sound joints, and strong muscles — are, therefore, treasured “possessions.” Thus, physical Chi Quong is truly the Taoist “fountain of youth,” performing remarkable feats in transforming the body into a stronger, more flexible, and healthier vessel. Some speculate that its amazing efficacy from ancient times is testament to mystical origins. Regardless of its source, however, physical Chi Quong is an important, practical application of Lao Tzu’s principles taught at the Center for Traditional Taoist Studies

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Master Richard Percuoco, disciple of Grandmaster Alex Anatole is performing Chi quong.




在觉悟之道所教导的中心的传统道教研究、需要个人承诺发展到整个的开头的身体自我。 知足,它的目标是启蒙是几乎不可能没有一个健康的身体。 因此,早当家的道教创建了一个综合计划的首要任务是身体发育. 道家的科学智群生下的做法智群屈昂。 智群屈昂是一种严格的工作程序,不仅能让身体的渠道智群但还规定 他气

的流量通过他们。 根据道家的思想认识到/机构联系,有身心智群屈昂练习或更为传统标记、内部和外部的智群屈昂。 西方人可能会发现类似物理智群屈昂清晨太极演习由中国从业人员在公园遍布世界各地。 精神气屈昂称为”冥想”在西部地区。

物理屈昂智群的掌握的身体和心灵需要专注和集中,从而教学医生如何控制自己的思想和行动. 在这样做时,他还学习管理个人欲望的先决条件的精神。 它是一座道教教义的各种违法乱纪在物质领域中不能有精神的。 因此,智群屈昂物理是一个实际步骤实现一种精神状态。 另一种方式说,如果该机构”家”中的灵魂,就必须良好以免破窗冯科莱使它的精神。 物理智群屈昂发展的主体是隐形的 渠道、打太极排列的配置中所谓的”经络系统”。 在道教和制定、灵活性产生长寿。 智群屈昂 2 的目标是提高灵敏度。 因感觉身体运动通过几百个规定动作,那医生变得敏感到它发出的信号。 因此,他可以检测到任何故障-是否生病或受伤的早期阶段,以便及时治疗。 物理屈昂智群 的首要目标

是灵活性,最能反映人的气。 画了,人体经络系统与循环系统,因为它是由路径,大致遵循的动脉与静脉全身。 从本质上讲,血可以被认为是”生命力”可见的世界,而是中文的”生命力”的未知世界。