The Center of Traditional Taoist Studies

The Center of Traditional Taoist Studies is not a commercial enterprise. The Center is a theological and educational institute dedicated to the dissemination of Taoist teachings in the USA and throughout the world.

The Center’s education program includes traditional Taoist theology and philosophy, physical wellness (Tai Chi, Chi Quong), Taoist shaman practices and meditation.

The Center of Traditional Taoist Studies was founded by Grand Master Alex Anatole in 1978.



Resident at The Center of Traditional Taoist Studies is the Temple of Original Simplicity.
The Center’s educational curriculums include traditional Taoist theology, philosophy, physical wellness (Tai Chi, Chi Quong) and Taoist shaman practices and meditation.

“The master came, because it was his time to be born“,

— Chuang Tzu (“The Lao Tzu wisdom“)

The founder

Grand Master

Alex Anatole

Grand Master Alex Anatole was born in Moscow.
At a young age, he was introduced to Master Lu Yang Tai, the “enlightened” Taoist sage with genealogical lineage extending to the ancient origins of Taoism.
From the age of eight, Alex was his only disciple, and learned all aspects of the classical Taoist Studies: philosophy, theology, healing, astrology, religious procedures and martial arts.
When he was twenty, he was ordained a Taoist priest.

  • Taoist Divine Guidance

    Taoist Divine Guidance is built on the sacred teachings of Taoist philosophy and theology and creates a mortal vision of reality in this earthly dimension and life after death.


  • Taoist Lin Hun Therapy

    Taoist Heavenly Lin Hun Therapy deals systemically with the theological – religious psychotherapy of the human eternal energies.


  • Taoist Life

    Conducting workshops, seminars and non-downloadable webinars in healing, nourishing and strengthening the body, mind and spirit from the Taoist perspective: Taoist internal and external meditation for the body and mind.


“To be in the harmony with men is the music of man, to be in the harmony with God is the music of God.”

— Chuang Tzu

Resident in The Center of Traditional Taoist Studies is the Temple of Original Simplicity. The Temple’s curriculum adheres to the traditional practices of ancient Taoism, dedicated to the mental, physical and spiritual development of its congregation members. All teachings at the Temple of Original Simplicity are dedicated to the classical principles of Taoism in their original form without the influences of modern society.


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“Men who possess my Tao are princes in this life and rulers in the hereafter”

— Chuang Tzu

500years BC

Tao Te Ching

Taoism is the religion and philosophy whose roots go back to the ancient shamanism. The teachings of Tao that are contained in the Tao Te Ching the second most translated book after the Bible. The Tao Te Ching is comprised of eighty-one poems, which were written by the Taoist sage, Lao Tzu approximately in 500 B.C.

The main principles of Taoism:

  • 1 The primary goal – Contentment and spiritual development
  • 2 Taoist principals in practice and clear picture of reality
  • 3 Manifestations of Tao
  • 4 Nature is unkind
  • 5 Society versus the individual
  • 6 Humanity and Justice
  • 7 Non-interference
  • 8 Camouflage
  • 9 Harmonization of desires of the mind and limitations


книга теологии

Tao of Celestial Foxes – The Way to Immortality (Volume 1-3)

The Taoist religious practices build the bridge between material human world and the heavens. In search of harmony with the Great Ultimate, Taoists strive to understand and achieve their true way – which ultimately can lead them to the celestial powers of the Great Ultimate. Praying in the Temple of Original Simplicity, opens the channel of communication with the higher power.

“Do not develop the nature which is of man, but develop the nature which is of God.”

— Chuang Tzu


Grand Master Alex Anatole stands near the gates of the Inari Temple of the Celestial Foxes in Kyoto, Japan.

To the classical Taoist, life is a continued struggle aimed at the purging of confusion and development of the soul. The Taoist philosophy teaches life principles and allows the practitioner to hear the divine guidance of the Taoist spirits and see reality more clearly.


There is a connection between the mind and the body. The practitioner must realize that the mind controls the body, not the opposite.


“Do not allow the mind to lead one astray from Tao, and not supplement the natural by human means.”

— Chuang Tzu

The simplest way to understand reality is the profound study of the philosophy of Taoism. The correct philosophical principles teach the Taoist to assess reality accurately, without illusion, and teach how to deal with the consequences of confused thoughts and action.


The Sage uses his mind like a mirror, it remains peaceful and serene in repose…”

— Chuang Tzu

The Taoist Sage, Lao Tzu, taught that Mental Hygiene purges unrealistic thoughts and expectations that block the man’s ability to see reality clearly. Lao Tzu stated that the process of Mental Hygiene is necessary for every Taoist to achieve contentment and piece of mind. The purging process of the mind is Mental Hygiene, which is necessary to ward of artificial social values and ideas.



“When a man’s body is at ease and his spirit is recovered, he becomes one with heaven.”

— Chuang Tzu

The path to enlightenment, as taught by the Center of Traditional Taoist Studies is based on embracing the process of self-development. This process should always begin with development of the physical body.

The Taoist understanding of cosmic energy gave birth to the Chi Quong system of physical exercise. Chi Quong develops the invisible, metaphysical channels of Chi energy in the body which are part of the meridian system.