Shanghai Chi Quong Research Association

Grand Master Alex Anatole and professor Zhu Run Long, President of the Shanghai Chi Quong Research Association
Grand Master Alex Anatole’s Shanghai Chi Quong Research Association diploma recognizing him as a certified Master of mental and physical Chi Quong

In 1995, a delegation of the Center’s Board of Directors traveled to Shanghai at the invitation of the Shanghai Chi Quong Research Association. The delegation’s mission was to compare and contrast the various forms of Chi Quong practiced and taught at the Center. In addition, the Center wished to establish joint programs with the Association to further promote the practice of Chi Quong worldwide.

The Shanghai Chi Quong Research Association, a major component of the Chinese Chi Quong Research Association, has over 10,000 members in Shanghai. The membership includes individuals from all aspects of Chinese society with representatives from government, industry, education, and professional practitioners of Chi Quong. The Association’s headquarters boasts a museum and research library documenting the history of Chi Quong from ancient times to present day. Within the Association’s main building is a clinical research facility that is part of the World Health Organization. The delegation’s visit was hosted by the Standing Deputy Secretary- General of the Association, Professor Zhu Run Long, a recognized leader in Chi Quong throughout China, Japan and Greater Asia.

During visits to Shanghai, the Center’s delegations have met with numerous practitioners and researchers of Chi Quong, resulting in joint cooperative programs. After exchanging information and demonstrations with Grandmaster Alex Anatole, Chinese Chi-Quong masters were so impressed by his skill and knowledge they offered and accepted him into the Shanghai Chi Quong Research Association as a full and complete Master of Chi-quong. The deep appreciation and honor were bestowed upon Grand Master Alex Anatole as a result of his profound knowledge and mastery of the ancient and hidden arts of mental and physical Chi Quong. This was a significant achievement as there are but a handful of non-Chinese members.

White Cloud Temple of Shanghai

Meeting with Abbott Lui
Grand Master Alex Anatole and Abbott Lui
Grand Master Alex Anatole and professor Zuo Qiu Wang shake hands in the Temple of Original Simplicity

In 1994, a delegation of directors from the Center of Traditional Taoist Studies traveled to Shanghai to establish ties with the Taoist community in China. During the trip, the Quan Shen Taoists of the White Cloud Temple in Shanghai honorably received the delegation. The Taoist Abbott Lui, Senior Abbott for the White Cloud Temple, met with the delegation in a series of extensive meetings. Grand Master Anatole described the Center’s achievements in the United States as well as the core beliefs of the Temple of Original Simplicity. After extensive discussions, the Taoist Abbott was greatly pleased and agreed to support the Center’s efforts to promote the classical teachings of Taoism in the West.

During the visit, the Center’s delegation was granted permission to take photographs of the interior of the White Cloud Temple and its Taoist artifacts. This was an historic privilege representing the first time non-members of the Temple were given unrestricted access to the temple’s interior — one of the last remaining original Taoist temples. The Center’s extensive documentation of White Cloud confirmed the authenticity of its own temple’s design according to traditions established thousands of years ago.

In October of 1996, at the invitation of Grand Master Anatole, Professor Wang, the lay superior of the Shanghai Quan Shen Taoists visited the Center of Traditional Taoists Studies in Weston, Massachusetts. History was made at this meeting with the signing of an Agreement of Mutual Support and Recognition between the two temples. As such, the Temple of Original Simplicity became the first and only western temple recognized by the Quan Shen Taoists. The Center has since supported the White Cloud Temple by sponsorship of the Quan Shen nunnery outside Shanghai.

Newspaper article "Tao Temple is Honored"
"Tao Temple is Honored", Town Crier, Weston edition